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iColor official site and online store
iColor official site and online store
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It is completely harmless to skin's structure and hair

Color changes by two tones per procedure
Tender acid composition
10 ml, 90 €
Gentle pigment removal
Color Correction Treatment
iColor Blur
Why Do You Need
iColor Blur?
If there is a need to purify camouflage pigments
If the pigment is unevenly applied
If there is a migration of pigments
To align previously made PM before applying brighter hue
For partial colour correction
iColor Blur
Work Examples
Speed adjustments:
Configuration of needles:
Healing takes:
70–90 pricking per second
1,5 month
At 90° angle make slow and circular movements. Handle only dedicated area
Maximum runs quantity: 3 (the same spot)
Healing procedures is the same as after PM – it creates a radiant crust (scratch mark)
Procedure Рrotocol
day of learning
practice on a model
A course for those who is ready to save in most complicated situations
iColor Blur Course:
Overlap and Remover
demonstration by the trainer
new services for your clients
Alcohol, Aqua, Glycerin, Benzoic Acid, Weak acid - the main solvent component. A strong antiseptic. Irritates the skin, is used to remove freckles, spots, Sodium Benzoate Preservative, Thymol preservative, enhances the penetration of substances under the skin, Eukaliptol (Cineol) A powerful natural antiseptic. poorly soluble in water. A liquid with a somewhat camphor-like odor. Evens out the color, lightens freckles and age spots.
iColor Blur Сomposition
Pencils for drawing fixing sketch of brows, eyes and lips
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