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iColor official site and online store
iColor official site and online store
iColor pigments for skin and areoles
Perfection is a story that takes its roots into the very depths of human nature and grows right into the heart through caring about appearance
As an addition to each set of pigments for the skin and areoles, we have invested a compact color scheme that will help you choose the perfect shade for each client and will become an indispensable companion in creating truly perfect works.
6 colors in a set and a thousand variants of your ideal works
There is nothing more perfect than a natural skin color. Developing a palette of shades for the set, we were guided by human nature itself, so we got a truly flawless result. Only 3 pigments for the skin and 3 pigments for areoles are the standard of natural beauty in your working arsenal.
Shades of natural life
We have created completely new pigments that will be familiar and convenient for you to work with from the very first use. The consistency of the pigments is ideal for comfortable work with delicate and delicate parts of the body.
The beauty is in the ease of use
Perfect Bonus
A set of pigments for the skin and areoles from iColor is a novelty for which we have created the perfect case!
You will definitely want to leave a box of pigments for their storage and even make it an ornament of your office.
Are available
130 €
skin & areola