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Laura Zvirbule
Finished ICOLOR Academy in 2020
(Lithuania, Klaipeda)
Experience from 2013 year
Jelena Johansons
Experience from 2021 year
Sonja Khyi
Larisa Kaydanovich
(Kaliningrad, Russia)
Experience from 2020 year
Experience from 2018 year
Bui Thi Thuy Hang
Tatiana Vilhovskaja
(Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Experience from 2016 year
If you try, there can be two outcomes: you either succeed or fail. If don’t try, there is only one outcome…
(Syktyvkar, Russia)
Experience from 2016 year
Elena Avdienko
Quality, aesthetics, safety!
Tarane Barjaste
Experience from 2016 year
Experience from 2018 year
Darya Nedelskaya
You are capable of more than you think
Vladislava Osadchaya
(Russia, Orenburg /Moscow,
USA, Miami)
Experience from 2017 year
Experience from 2016 year
Hanna Cockburn
Success is not an accident. It is hard work, perseverance, and love for what you do or learn to do
Esenija Sile Sleze
(Riga, Latvia)
Experience from 2019 year
(Rīga, Latvia)
Experience from 2017 year
Svetlana Hjortzberga
Hard work will win the talent, if the talent don’t work hard
Kelli Bendelliani
(Tartu, Estonia)
Experience from 2015 year
Irina Egortseva
(Russia, Samara)
Experience from 2010 year
(Saint-Petersburg, Russia) Experience from 2008 year
Katerina Rusina
(Sosnowiec, Poland)
Experience from 2016 year
Joanna Ogrodnik
Agnieszka Adamczak
(Warsawa, Poland)
Experience from 1999 year
(Legnica, Poland)
Experience from 2009 year
Anna Cwynar
The face is a canvas on which I paint the picture
Valeria Shefer
(Murmansk, Russia)
Experience from 2013 year
The success is work on your fears, go out from comfortable zone permanently
Ellen Vermeulen
Experience from 2010 year